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Ministry Testimonials

"We were extremely blessed to have Evangelist Marie Diggs as a teacher in Life for Christ Bible School! It was a privilege and great honor for us! Everything that was spoken and written in the Training Manual was on point, very important and it was very practical which we believe is the most valuable. We can testify that our students are becoming more and more bold to share Christ. Everything that was written in the manual was helpful for them and will be helpful to read it again and again and to follow the steps and recommendations while sharing Christ. All of the personal examples, tips, class activities and stories that Evangelist Diggs shared with the students were very helpful for them to completely understand the material and to make it practical. We believe that it is very important for the believers to understand what is their mission and purpose on this earth - to preach the Gospel and to make disciples, and to start doing it with boldness."

- Pastor Geaorge and Minister Polina Havassavaner, Life for Christ Bible School in Bulgaria


"The Be Bold Evangelism Training Classes were awesome!  It will set your soul on fire to be a witness for our Lord.  I recommend the class for every Christian believer."  


- Pastors Glenn & Karen Chappell, Zion Refuge in Michigan

"It has been our pleasure to have been graced with the ministry gift of Marie Diggs Ministries (MDM). Evangelistic training is of the greatest importance within the Body of Christ for these ends of days. Evangelistic training must be far more than mere classroom and books, as we have witnessed in MDM. The Spirit led equipping of our local saints has been thoroughly furnished. Minister Diggs carries this Glory of God and teaches from the anointed position of a doer of the Word- not from a disconnected view of a hearer only. Training from MDM will cause the students to no longer be 'tossed to and fro' but rather rooted and well-grounded mature saints in the Lord able to do the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and be fruitful in all endeavors."

- Pastor Franklin & Lady J Ables, Overcomers World Ministries

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