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to mankind

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Faith The Receiver of the Promise - Marie Diggs
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"This message will help you to build your faith and receive the

healing promised."

Only Believe - The Gateway to Miracles - Marie Diggs
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   "Are you wavering in your belief? This message will eradicate

doubt and feed your spirit."

I Will - Marie Diggs
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 "Are you wondering if it is God will for you to be healed? This

 message teaches that healing is God's idea. Therefore, no

more begging to be healed, just receive!" 

A Hindrance To Healing Part One - Marie Diggs
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     "Are you harboring unforgiveness in your heart? Let go of the

bitterness free yourself today!"

A Hindrance To Healing - Part Two - Marie Diggs
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"Unforgiveness forms a stronghold of bitterness. The un-

treated stronghold blocks your healing."


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