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Promise Thinking!

Promises are powerful countenance boosters. Especially, when a faithful, and powerful person makes a promise to you. Their word produces faith, joy, and anticipation. This subject reminds me of Abraham and Sarah in the Bible. They had received a promise from God that contradicted everything they saw, felt, or could reason with their minds. Yet, they had a promise from God! Although God is faithful and all-powerful, it took them 25 years to receive their promise from God, which was a son whom they later named Isaac, as the Lord had instructed.

The delay in them obtaining the promise had nothing to do with God and everything to do with their thought process. Instead of meditating on what God had promised them, they focused on how they could bring the promise to past themselves. God had to change their names to get them to think differently, and to think of themselves as the Father and Mother of many nations. Their name change shifted their thinking to PROMISE THINKING—thinking only what God’s Word declares!

Therefore, they stopped seeing themselves as old, faithless, and physically handicapped and began to see themselves as parents. They began to use God’s methodology of faith and reliance which caused them to totally focus only upon His promise. And, today, because of their faith in God, people are still learning to trust in God’s promises.

Likewise, I encourage you to incorporate promise thinking into your daily life. Instead of meditating on the problems and issues, choose to focus on and daily speak forth, the promises found in God’s Word instead of the negativity around you. This type of thinking is empowering! It eradicates doubt. It builds faith. It produces an inward strength that will enable you to stand in faith without wavering!

Finally, make promise thinking your lifestyle, and expect to receive manifestations of God’s promises to you!


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