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New Year...Fresh Start!

Abraham Lincoln said, and I quote; “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  This is a powerful quote! And based on his past, this quote gives insight into how he lived his life.  History details that he was defeated many times when running for various political offices. However, his determination to obtain his desire didn’t falter.  I believe he trained himself to think WIN and to speak WIN—despite what he saw, or what he may have experienced. And as a result, he experienced victory and became one of the presidents of the United States of America.

This particular quote reminds me of how God operates.  He is resolute in His thinking. He decides and only sees His decision from His view, regardless of anything else.  The New Living Translation Bible says it this way, “… and who creates new things out of nothing…” Romans 4:17 b).

This is how God operated with Abraham.  He purposefully called Abraham the father of many nations.  God wasn’t shaken by Abrahams age, nor, by his wife’s age, nor, by the condition of their bodies, and the child out of wedlock didn’t change His mind about their purpose either.

Additionally, Abraham and Sarah’s many faith failures didn’t disqualify them for God’s promise.  No! God was creating! He was persistent and relentless. He didn’t allow His thought pattern to change, or to waiver, due to Abraham and Sarah’s actions.  And in time, Abraham adopted God’s thought pattern and speech. And in less than one year, his actions began to line up with the words that he spoke over himself, and he and his wife had a bouncing baby boy.   

The lesson learned is that persistently thinking the right thoughts- (God inspired thoughts), in time will cause the right speech and actions, which will put you on the road to accomplishing your desired result.


So, allow this new year to be one that inspires and invigorates you to begin afresh—to experience a fresh start!  Embrace this new year with a new attitude. An attitude that allows you to let go of past regrets, end toxic relationships, commit to goal setting, and to following God’s lead for your life.  


As you journey through this new year, do it with the strength of faith that will remove all difficulties that stand in the way of progress and real change.  In addition, find a scripture from God’s word that promises you the result that you want. Daily say aloud and think about that scripture. This practice will empower you to end, to start, to follow through, or to overcome any obstacle in your way.  


Lastly, Jeremiah 1:12, [Amp.]; says, “… for I am [actively] watching over My word to fulfill it…”  As you put your trust in God this year, expect to create new thought patterns and speech patterns from God’s word, that will birth new opportunities and new beginnings for you.  Your fresh start can begin today!

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