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Many Christians want to be able to share their faith and evangelize to others. But they are held back by fear, lack of knowledge, or perceived lack of opportunity.


The Answer the Call: Be Bold Evangelism Workbook is designed to equip believers at any stage of their walk with God to evangelize in their everyday life. Written in a practical, accessible and interactive way, this workbook and its accompanying teaching videos will build readers’ confidence so that their God-given gifting fully assists them in motivating and guiding others to salvation in Christ Jesus. 


With over 30 years of evangelism experience, Marie K. Diggs, founder of Marie Diggs Ministries, has been teaching on the vital subject of evangelism around the country and equipping both church leaders and believers alike to answer the call to evangelize. Her hope is that when the proven principles in this manual are coupled with God’s Word and put into action, lives will be changed, and eternities will be impacted!


Answer the Call: Be Bold Evangelism Workbook (PRINT)

  • Please allow 7-10 business for the book to be shipped. Thank you!

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