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Tips for Witnessing to the Unsaved

Note: This is an excerpt from Answer the Call: Be Bold Evangelism Workbook. For more information about the workbook and app, click here.

Here are some practical tips for witnessing to the unsaved.

Realize that the person you witness to may know nothing about God’s Word.

Do not communicate beyond the person’s level of understanding; keep it simple.

Do not have an attitude of superiority because you are saved and they are not.

Always exude confidence in Jesus and in God’s Word.

Do not argue or debate with the person.

Listen to the person as their conversation will identify their spiritual condition.

Remain on the subject.

Remember that the person is blinded and cannot see properly according to 2 Corinthians 4:3-4.

They do not know that there is a better life. Help them see it!

Share the benefits of salvation and how it would apply to them should they receive Jesus as Savior.

Compel them to receive Jesus.

Help the person understand that salvation is a gift that they cannot work to obtain.

Assist the person in understanding that because they have a sin nature, they do not have a choice to determine whether they will sin. Rather, they are a slave to sin due to their current nature.

Encourage the person with God’s Word and bring hope to them for a better life on this Earth and in eternity.

Explain to the person that Jesus will save them no matter how far away they are from Him. No past or present sins are greater than His love for them.

Pay close attention to the person’s body language, as it will express the person’s agreement or disagreement. It will also convey if the person is comfortable or uncomfortable with you.

Explain to the person that they will receive a new spirit according to 2 Corinthians 5:17-18.

Clarify for the person that changes in their thought life and behavior will happen when their mind is changed or renewed to God’s Word, according to Romans 12:1-2.

After a person receives salvation, leave them with material to further their growth in Christ, be it a Bible, your church information, and/or the Marie Diggs Ministries Be Bold app.

Should it be appropriate, exchange information with the person to follow up on their growth in Christ. Invite them to your church, to your church’s events, and/or to fellowship with other believers.

If appropriate, check on them on occasion, letting them know that you care.

If the person does not receive salvation, if appropriate, occasionally invite them to your church, to your church’s events, and/or to fellowship with other believers. However, use wisdom on the amount of time spent with the person as they should not be your best friend according to 2 Corinthians 6:14-18.

Should the person not receive salvation, never give up on them. Be the voice echoing God’s love, forgiveness, and restoration.

Cover them in constant prayer and speak the Word of God over them.

Want to learn more about the call to evangelism? Check out the Answer the Call: Be Bold Evangelism Workbook and the Be Bold App. For more information about the workbook and app, click here.


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